Friday, 22 March 2013

Ideas to Prevent Genital Herpes

Genital herpes can be easily prevented is you opt for a celibate life, but if this is not your option, then there are certain things that you must do to prevent the transmission of genital herpes. Some of the must-do things are to talk openly about genital herpes to your partner is tested for genital herpes, and to use protection like condoms when having sex.

The easy answer to prevent genital herpes is to have a celibate life. To some this idea is somewhat appealing, but to the majority of the population, having a celibate life is not an option. So what do we really need to do to prevent genital herpes?

The first thing to do is to talk openly about genital herpes to your partner or potential partner. Talk about genital herpes and other sexually transmitted diseases and have a test done for both of you before anything worse can happen.

In reality, it is easier to talk about getting a test before it is too late rather than finding out that you or your partner has genital herpes and that the disease was already transmitted. It sometimes boils down to what is more important, a temporary moment of fun or a lifetime without genital herpes to bother both of you.
If you suspect that you have symptoms of genital herpes or other kinds of sexually transmitted diseases, don't engage in any sexual activity to avoid the possibility of spreading an infection. Get a test right away to determine if you're infected.

On the other hand, if you suspect that your partner has symptoms of genital herpes; draw a very hard line between the two of you. Encourage and motivate your partner to have a test for proper treatment of genital herpes.

Avoid having multiple sex partners because this will give you the higher risk of contacting genital herpes and other sexually transmitted diseases.

Using condoms can help reduce the risk of contacting genital herpes but it is not actually a total protection. At the very least, you will have lower risk of contacting genital herpes and other sexually transmitted diseases. For the women, if you're partner doesn't like the idea of using condoms, then you can use the female variety (i.e. female condom). Never agree to have sex with someone with genital herpes without any protection on.

If having a celibate life is not your option then does something to prevent being infected by genital herpes. Undertake the test for genital herpes willingly for your own sake. Avoid sexual activity with a partner that is not tested for genital herpes as well.

Genital herpes is the kind of sexually transmitted disease that has no cure. There are treatments available for the symptoms but they do not cure the disease. It is best to be safe and free of genital herpes than to be sorry after.

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