Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Signs of Genital Herpes

Genital Herpes is among the highly contagious sexually transmitted diseases today. Learn more about its symptoms to be able to cure it and avoid infecting other people with such STD.

Sexually active people have more chances of acquiring sexually transmitted diseases or STDs. Thus, it is then proper for everyone to know the symptoms of such diseases.

Among the leading STDS is Genital Herpes. In the United States alone, studies reveal that 50 million Americans have acquired Genital Herpes. Every year, one million individuals develop genital herpes, affecting the poor, those with low literacy level and those who have sexual intercourse with different partners.

The transmission of genital herpes has been very high because the disease is highly contagious. In fact, doctors agree that those who have genital herpes may infect other sexual partners without them knowing that they have such a disease.

Recent figures show that 80-90% of those suffering from genital herpes cannot detect the symptoms of genital herpes. Health specialists recommend individuals to be better informed of the symptoms of genital herpes to be able to practice caution and to be free from such a disease.

The following are among the symptoms of genitalherpes.
Early signs
The earliest symptoms of genital herpes can develop in 3 to 7 days after a skin-to-skin contact with those who have genital herpes. The infections resemble small blisters around the sensitive body part. Most of the time, the blisters which are in groups could create an opening called an ulcer. These ulcers or blisters can form on or around the genitals or even around the anus.

Among men. The symptoms of genital herpes which take the form of blisters or ulcers develop on or around the penis. The symptoms, among women, of genital herpes usually develop inside the vagina. This makes it more difficult to detect unless they are examined by a doctor.

The initial development of genital herpes symptoms is the hardest part and usually longer than the remaining outbreak. Aside from ulcer or blisters, the infected individual may also suffer from other genital herpes symptoms such as high fever, muscle pain, head aches, vaginal discharge and enlargement of lymph glands located in the groin.

Remaining outbreak

If genital herpes persists, the development of the disease’s symptoms is much less. But, the individual might feel that the area to be infected by the blisters or ulcers is painful. This happens even before the development of the blisters or ulcers. When the individual experiences such a later outbreak, this means that he/she is more contagious. It is advisable to seek medical advice to avoid infecting other individuals. Doctors say that the genital herpes is contagious even though its symptoms such as blisters haven’t appeared yet.


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