Friday, 22 March 2013

Getting to know Genital Herpes

Nowadays, different kinds of sexually transmitted disease or STD abound as more and more people become sexually active. Most of the STDs are transmitted through sexual contact with an infected partner. But, do you know that some STDs can be acquired from kissing?

Genital herpes is among those STDs which can be obtained through kissing and sexual contact. Genital herpes can also be referred to as “herpes.” Once the herpes simplex virus permeates through the skin in the form of tears, the virus of Genital herpes will locate the nerve roots around the spinal cord and settle there.
Recent studies revealed that Genital herpes is most common in the United States. A total of 45 million people whose age ranges from 12 years old and above have had Genital herpes. Experts also believe that this study means one out of five adults have most likely had this kind of STD.

From the 1970s until 1990s, the number of Americans who acquired Genital herpes had grown to 30 percent. Doctors also claim that more women have been mostly infected by this STD than men. They explain that the male-to-female transmission is more likely to happen instead of female-to-male transmission.
What are the symptoms of Genital Herpes?

Some individuals with Genital Herpes may not know that they are infected by the STD as the signs of Genital Herpes do not manifest. But, once the virus of this STD settles in the nerve roots, the virus can go back to the origin of the STD infection. The skin, then, turns red and blisters develop which means that the infected individual is having a herpes outbreak. The blisters usually develop around or in the genitals and these recurrent blisters could be painful. Doctors say that the infection of this STD could worsen if the person’s immune system is weak.

Fighting Genital Herpes

In the case of this STD, prevention is better than cure as medical science has still yet to come up with a treatment to cure genital herpes. Until now, doctors only prescribe antiviral medications to their patients who are infected with the STD. The antiviral medications can also decrease the period of one’s herpes outbreak or even prevent it from happening.

Doctors say that Genital herpes can be prevented if one would choose to abstain from having sexual contacts with many people. They say that it is advisable to have a long 

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