Friday, 22 March 2013

Ways to Prevent Genital Herpes from Spreading

Even if genital herpes is contagious, there some ways that can help prevent the quick spread of genital herpes to another person. These preventive ways for genital herpes are similar to those of other sexually transmitted diseases. The main way is to really avoid being contacted with genital herpes because the herpes simplex virus is pretty active and contagious when skin lesions are still present.

The excellent way to prevent one from being infected with genital herpes is to refrain from any sexual activity. Another best way is to only have one sexual partner who is free from genital herpes.
Other ways to prevent the spread of genital herpes are:

·         Practice the consistent use of latex condoms for each sexual contact with your partner.
·         Put some limit to the number of sex partners you already have.
·         Do not have any sexual intercourse with your partner if one of you is having the genital herpes outbreak around the genital area or in other areas of the body.
Open two-way communication between your partner and you is very important in dealing with genital herpes.

In case that you are pregnant and you already have experienced the genital herpes outbreak in the prior years or months, be sure that your doctor knows everything about it. If you are not sure that you have genital herpes, then you can request for a test to be made for you just to be certain of the situation. You also need to watch out for outbreak symptoms of genital herpes during your pregnancy months.

Your doctor may give you some antiviral medications commencing at the later months of pregnancy in order to prevent the genital herpes outbreak to happen during the time of delivery for your baby. In case that you undergo the genital herpes outbreak while you are laboring, then the doctors will usually recommend for a Caesarean section. Doing this will lessen the danger of transmitting the genital herpes virus from you to your newborn baby.

Here are some self-care treatments in times of an active infection of genital herpes:

·         Refrain from any sexual activity with your partner.
·         Always keep the skin sores or lesions clean and dry.
·         Refrain from touching the skin sores. You also need to wash your hands right after touching the sores with your hands.

It is very important that you should always remember that genital herpes could still be contagious even if there are no visible symptoms around. You need to be patient and wait for a few more days until all the sores or lesions are fully healed before carrying on with your sexual activity. And never forget to always use the latex condoms to lessen the possibility of infecting your partner with genital herpes.

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